Oxford Beatles Demo Tracks

Steeve Simbert, Oxford University Masters Student (Oct 2016)

I celebrated my 24th birthday at the Oxford Beatles’ Cellar gig with friends. The band called me to join them on stage for “Birthday” in front of a huge crowd!!! I’ll never forget it!


Liz McLean, Christ College School Brecon (July 2015)

We hired The Oxford Beatles for our Summer Ball and they were amazing. They were very professional and enthused even the grumpiest of guests to get up and shake their stuff on the dancefloor! They will definitely be invited to play for us again

Other Live

Oct 13th – The Cellar, Oxford, 8pm

Tickets are now on sale here:



Nov 14th-18th – Simpkins Lee Theatre, Oxford, 8pm

Dec 16th – The Harcourt Arms, Oxford, 9pm